Caring for your boiler for optimal performance

December 18, 2019
Two ways of increasing the lifespan of your boiler are periodic professional maintenance from a service provider and general checks done yourself on a more regular basis. The first thing that you should do is read through the owner's manual of your equipment. When doing so, you should pay attention to specific instructions if any from your manufacturer. Doing this will ensure that if there are any particular checks and maintenance required, you are aware of them and understand how to complete them. 

Conducting frequent general checkups is a great way of increasing your equipment life, and it also will help reduce the operating costs and energy expenses in the long run. Such checks are essential when it comes to the safety of your equipment. A regular inspection does not take a lot of time for you, but it is always good when it comes to improving the life of your boiler.

It is the little things that count in the long run, so here is a general inspection checklist for you that will help ensure good preventive maintenance.

  • Thoroughly check the area around the boiler for any leakages. Especially the under-side.
  • Make sure that there are no obstructions around the boiler.
  • Regularly check the temperature and pressure readings to make sure that these are within the desired range.
  • Always be vigilant about any error or service codes if applicable. In case of any errors, get in touch with your service providers.
  • The vent termination should be unobstructed. It could get blocked with snow, ice or debris.
  • The combustion air openings should be checked for blockages.
  • In case of any unusual noises or vibrations again get in touch with your service provider.

If you happen to notice any issues or have any concerns, it is always better to immediately report the problem. Your service provider can perform a thorough check to find faults and put you at ease. 

Apart from your own regular checks, annual maintenance and servicing are very important. Sometimes a necessity for any insurance cover, may also be a legal requirement if you rent, and just common sense with any gas appliance in the home that you rely on. Get in touch with Able Heating for all your Boiler maintenance, repairs and service requirements.