Central Heating System Installation Surrey

June 29, 2021
Central heating systems are still the most efficient and economical of the available heating systems. There are many benefits of central heating systems, with cost savings, low maintenance requirements and environmental impact amongst the commonly known benefits. However, many people fail to consider the health benefits that come with installing a central heating system.

With a central heating system in place, you are safeguarded against health problems such as asthma, hypothermia, bronchitis, and any other airborne ailments, as a result of the air being filtered well. Central heating reduces condensation and mould growth, issues which can be a big problem for properties with storage heaters. The constant and comfortable temperature provided by central heating is better for your respiratory system, with the stable environment allowing your body to work more effectively.

This consistent and radiant heat restricts the circulation of dust and allergens, especially compared to other traditional forced-air systems, making a central heating system ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Forced air systems are also known to cause dry environments, which many people find to be uncomfortable.

So, have you been thinking of installing a installing a central heating system? At Able Heating, we believe that your home should be comfortable. This comfort is essential for your wellbeing and health, which means that upgrading to a central heating system will be a beneficial investment for your family. We are a fully certified service provider with all of the necessary certifications and accreditations and can install your new central heating system quickly and safely.

If you wish to transform your home and never have to worry about the heating again, get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.